DeviceTalks West 2019 Agenda

*Timing and session topics are subject to change

Day 1
09 Dec 2019
Day 2
10 Dec 2019

Keynote: Bryce Rutter, CEO – Metaphase Design Group

Join us for a live interview with Bryce Rutter, a leading expert in the design of medical devices. Attendees will get an inside look at how he approaches the device development process during this keynote session.
Bryce G. Rutter

Solve Hard Problems to Develop Breakthrough Products

Triple Ring Technologies is a co-development company standing alongside our clients to solve difficult problems, develop breakthrough products, and create new companies. Triple Ring’s founders will discuss some of the “Systems Science” and lean knowledge-driven methods that enable our success. Moderator: H. Roger Tang, SVP, Science, Systems & Engineering, Triple Ring Technologies Panelists: Brian Wilfley, Chief Scientist, Triple Ring Technologies Edward Solomon, VP, Advanced Technologies & Business Development, Triple Ring Technologies
H. Roger Tang
Brian Wilfley
Edward Solomon

Keynote: Virginia Giddings, VP of R&D – Intersect ENT

In a live interview, Virginia Giddings will share her experience running R&D/technology divisions at major medtech firms and how that compares to her work leading R&D at Intersect ENT. She will also discuss special development considerations when it comes to building drug-device combination products.
Virginia Giddings

Keynote: Mohan Nathan, VP of Global Clinical Marketing – TransEnterix

TransEnterix executive Mohan Nathan will share the company’s journey through the clinical development of its robotic surgical Senhance system.
Mohan Nathan

Are You Building Your Product Development Process Around Human-Centered Design? You Should Be.

This panel discussion will be centered around incorporating human factors into the product development process.
Kevin Ten Brink
Denise Zarins
Michael Neidert
Kelly Ashfield

Designing Your Biocompatibility Plan: How to Avoid Mistakes and Get to Market Quickly

A crucial hurdle for all medical devices to pass during development is completing a successful biocompatibility testing battery. Many delays are caused by an incomplete understanding of what biocompatibility endpoints a device must pass. This presentation will cover the foundation of biocompatibility testing and how to create an efficient testing plan to save you time and money, allowing you to reach patients faster. During this presentation the following topics will also be covered: ISO 10993s latest revision and what has changed Understanding test article needs and proper sample preparation Case Studies
Michael Dellogono

Hot Topics: M&A, IP, and Products Liability Trends Impacting MedTech

In a panel hosted by Greenberg Traurig, participants will discuss how M&A, IP and products liability trends are impacting medtech. Attendees can expect to learn about: Mergers & Acquisition (M&A) and Intellectual Property (IP) trends Products liability litigation – what every medtech company needs to know
Marlon G. Housman
Casper de Clercq
Roman Fayerberg
Ginger Pigott

Keynote: Inside HeartFlow with Dr. Campbell Rogers & Windi Hary

In this live interview with HeartFlow executives Windi Hary and Dr. Campbell Rogers, attendees will learn about the company and the clinical program underpinning its technology.
Windi Hary
Campbell Rogers

Breakfast and Roundtable Discussion: Understanding EU MDR Post-Market Surveillance Challenges and Requirements

As May 2020 quickly approaches, the EU MDR post-market surveillance (PMS) phase of the total product lifecycle is changing, and the volume of required translations that are increasing. And you are working to fully understand the impact to your organization, as well as what actions and resources are critical to ensure the safety and efficacy of your products – from product release to retirement. Join Amplexor for a breakfast roundtable discussion for an engaging discussion about the upcoming EU MDR. Limited Seating – Click Here to Register RSVP by Friday, 6 December Amplexor Table Talks are a unique opportunity for...
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Stephen L. Coulter

Keynote: Investing In & Advancing Women’s Health Tech

Join this panel of leaders as we explore the current state of investment and advancement in technology for women’s health.
Jessica Grossman
Anne Morrissey
Marissa Fayer

A Tale of Two Davids: How Device Start-Ups Are Using Smaller Devices to Go After Big Markets

Traditionally, venture capital-backed start-ups have steered clear of charging up hills dominated by large capital equipment makers. After all, new tech was too expensive to develop and large companies were too entrenched to remove. But a new generation of well-funded start-ups – including GenapSys and Outset Medical- have tossed aside past fears, raised large rounds of capital, and set out to disrupt high established markets like genomic sequencing and dialysis.
Hesaam Esfandyarpour
Martin Vazquez

Tackling Device Sterilization

Attendees will hear from a panel of industry and regulatory players as they discuss the current challenges in device sterilization, including the need for device-makers to design with instrument reprocessing and sterilization in mind.
Denny Christensen
Jian Zhang
Erin Manning
Logesh Chokkalingam

A Medtech Insider’s Walk Through the Healthcare System

As a long-time medical product development engineer and executive, Bill Betten has been involved in product developments ranging from medical imaging to surgical instruments to wearable devices. However, a brain tumor diagnosis earlier this year led him on a journey through that same medical system as a patient. Join us for an insider’s journey through the medical system, ranging from diagnosis, insurance, surgeon/hospital selection, 7 hours of surgery, ICU care, pain management, and recovery. Finally, he’ll discuss how the trip through the system has impacted his view of “person-centric” product development and care.
Bill Betten

Closing Keynote: Dr. Jaime Wong, VP & Senior Medical Officer – Intuitive Surgical

At DeviceTalks West, Intuitive Surgical’s VP & Senior Medical Officer Dr. Jaime Wong will give attendees a look at the medtech giant’s design philosophy and share how the company is using new technology to reduce variability in surgical procedures and outcomes.
Jaime Wong