October 18-19, 2023 · Santa Clara, CA

Our sweet spot is the intersection of CEOs/founders, VPs/executives, directors, and engineers. Historically, DeviceTalks hosts a combination of leadership, technical expertise, and decision-making authorities serving the entire product development continuum.

Who Attends?

Managing Partner
Managing Director
Chief Strategy Officer

Vice President, Product Development
Senior Vice President of Engineering
Director of Product Development
Principal Engineer
CTO (Chief Technology Officer)
Chief Engineer
Engineering Manager
Mechanical Engineer

Vice President of Marketing
Director of Marketing
Business Development Manager
Strategic Account Manager
Commercial Director Sales Manager
Marketing Specialist
Market Research Analyst

Vice President, Research, Development & Engineering
Managing Partner (R&D)
Senior Manager, Research & Development
Director of R&D
R&D Director
Director of Product Realization
Chief Innovation Officer

Medical Affairs Manager
Clinical Affairs Manager
Clinical Research Associate
Clinical Trial Coordinator
Clinical Research Nurse
Clinical Specialist
Clinical Educator

Vice President of Operations
Supply Chain Manager
Director of Operations
Global Supply Chain Planner
Business Development Manager
Medical Inventory Analyst
Warehouse Manager

National Sales Director
Director of Quality Assurance
Regulatory Affairs Specialist
Compliance Officer
Quality Assurance Manager
Quality Control Analyst