Medtech's Brightest Minds Meet at DeviceTalks West 2014

On November 19th, you’re invited to join an exclusive conversation with Joe Kiani and Caroll Neubauer, two of the most accomplished and outspoken leaders in the medical device industry at DeviceTalks. Join us to find out how these leaders see the future of both the medical device industry and the world of patient safety in the heart of Orange County, one of the top medical device markets in the United States.

DeviceTalks is a conversation among leaders. It’s an evening for an exchange of ideas, insight and contacts among the pioneers of the medical technology industry. Formerly known as the Big 100, this event is held annually in Boston, Orange County and the Twin Cities. DeviceTalks is hosted by, the online journal of record for the medical device industry, which provides hour-to-hour coverage of the devices that save lives, the people behind them and the burgeoning trends and developments within the industry.

Featured Speakers

Irvine Marriott

18000 Von Karman Ave, Irvine, CA 92612