DeviceTalks West News

Experts explore the state of M&A in medtech

At DeviceTalks West 2018, a panel of experts gathered to discuss the state of M&A in medtech and the forces driving startups to seek an exit. Read more >>

Prioritizing Innovation – How major players in medtech stay ahead of the curve

In the medtech industry, if you don’t innovate, you can’t compete. Read more >>

What should the Mann Foundation do next?

Dr. Robert Greenberg, the Mann Foundation’s new executive chairman, has ideas about where to take one of medtech’s top research and development outfits. He explained more at DeviceTalks West in December. Read more >>

Diabetes tech execs talk patient-centric design, device development & trust

John Timberlake has been commercializing diabetes drugs and devices for 25 years. Over the course of his career, one theme has always stood out: if you want people to use your product, it has to be made with the end-user in mind. Read more >>

Here’s how Intuitive Surgical is innovating to stay competitive

Intuitive Surgical isn’t resting on its laurels when it comes to the surgical robotics field that it dominates. The Sunnyvale, Calif.­–based company is seeking to stay competitive through technologies including computer-controlled navigated robotic catheters, contrast agents to improve imaging during procedures, and intelligent surgical interfaces.


How Reggie Groves reinvented Medtronic’s atrial fibrillation biz

Reva Medical CEO Reggie Groves got her start in the medical device industry at medtech titan Medtronic. In her upcoming keynote interview at DeviceTalks West, Groves will discuss how that experience has shaped her as a leader and an innovator. Here’s a preview: Read more >>

Alfred Mann Foundation chairman looks outward to extend founder’s legacy

When medtech pioneer Alfred Mann died in February 2016, he left behind a rich legacy of pure innovation and patient impact spanning the breadth of healthcare, from cardiology to hearing impairment, blindness and diabetes that will improve the lives of patients for decades to come. Read more >>

How a teenage Gary Guthart, Intuitive Surgical’s CEO, got his start at NASA

Today Gary Guthart is best known as the CEO of Intuitive Surgical, the world’s leading medical robotics company. But robot-assisted surgery wasn’t Guthart’s first love, he told ahead of his keynote appearance at this year’s DeviceTalks West event. Read more >>

DeviceTalks West: Here are the speakers you’ll see

Hundreds of medical device industry insiders are expected to descend on Orange County, Calif., this month for DeviceTalks West – a premier boutique networking and learning event. Read more >>